Shi'a Islam
Al-Sahifa al-Sajjadiyya 1:1-9

Praise belongs to God,
the First, without a first before Him,
the Last, without a last behind Him.

Beholders’ eyes fall short of seeing Him,
describers’ imaginations are not able to depict Him.
He originated the creatures through His power with an origination,
He devised them in accordance with His will with a devising.

Then He made them walk on the path of His desire,
He sent them out on the way of His love.
They cannot keep back
from that to which He has sent them forward,
nor can they go forward
to that from which He has kept them back.

He assigned from His provision to each of their spirits
a nourishment known and apportioned.
Then each spirit He strikes a fixed term in life,
for each He sets up a determined end;
he walks toward it through the days of his span,
he overtakes it through the years of his time.
Then, when he takes his final step
and embraces the reckoning of his span,
God seizes him to the abundant reward
or the feared punishment
to which He has called him,
that He may repay those who do evil with what they have done and repay those who do good with goodness
as justice from Him (holy are His names, and manifest His boons).

He shall not be questioned as to what He does,
but they shall be questioned.

Praise belongs to God, for,
had He withheld from His servants the knowledge to praise Him
for the uninterrupted sadness with which He has tried them
and the manifest favours which He has lavished upon them,
they would have moved about in His kindnesses without praising Him,
and spread themselves out in His provision without thanking Him.
Had such been the case,
they would have left the bounds of humanity for that of beastliness
and become as He described in the firm text of His Book:

They are but as cattle — nay, but they are further astray from the way!

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